Maui Car Rentals

ECO Friendly Maui Car Rentals near Kahului OGG airport

Your Grandchildren want you to rent a car from us.

Every car that we rent on Maui, instead of the other car rental companies, means less pollution in this world, less carbon emissions, and that YOU are trying to help minimize global warming!

Choose from sedans or hatchbacks, biodiesel cars, 50 mpg gas hybrids, and 100% electric cars!

Our Maui Rental Car Prices are incredibly competitive!

2006 biodiesel rental car on Maui

Prices are different for different cars and at different times, such as holidays

We have older cars and brand new cars.

But all cars are the most ECO friendly available on Maui!

And you can save a LOT in fuel costs!

Prius Hybrids can get over 50 mpg!

Call or email for current rates

YOU will get much better fuel economy, than other car rental agencies cars, so will save more in fuel... We even have cars that don't use fuel so driving is virtually free!

AND You get lots of freebies, like coolers and boogie boards, that save you money and make your trip better!

You're not just renting a car..

Only care about the cheapest car rental available on Maui?

The real costs of global warming... climate change... The White house estimated $150 BILLION dollars added every year for a difference between 2-3 degrees change. Check out: US Whitehouse files on costs of climate change

Worse storms are happening right now, agriculture is being hurt, fisheries, health impacts too...

What about your children's future?

You can easily do something about global warming today, just by renting the right car on Maui...

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