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Maui Car Rentals, Maui Hawaii USA 


(Please note this is an AVAILABILITY REQUEST form and not a confirmed reservation.
All reservation confirmations must be finalized over the phone with our rental agents,
to get your credit card info, plus we will need the following information.)

Reservation Phone line is open during regular business hours
(Hawaiian standard time).
If you don't reach us, (we're probably at the beach...)
please leave a message and we will call you back, usually within 24 -48 hours, or the next business day.
If the rental is for several months from now, or you call on the weekend, it might take a little longer for us to get back to you. Please be patient!

To confirm a reservation, or for quickest response, please call us:

Skype: ecorentalcars

Fill in the following or go to our fax form to fax or email later.

SORRY, but we are having issues with our form
March 22...
PLEASE CALL or use the FAX form until this is resolved.

Bio-Beetle ECO Rental Car
Reservation Request for Maui Hawaii
Please fill in the following so we can process your request.


Email Again
Phone Number
Cell Phone
Arrival Date
Arrival Time
Departure Date
Departure Time
Preferred Type of vehicle:

Least expensive car available
Anything available
2 Door Hatchback
4 door Sedan
SUV Jeep
100% Electric
Gas Electric Plug in option

Specific vehicle, if you prefer a certain model:
100% ELECTRIC Leaf
Gas Electric Volt
Jeep Liberty
Gas Prius

How did you hear of
Bio-Beetle ECO Rental Cars?

I've rented from you in the past
Word of Mouth
Guide Book
Place I am Staying

Specifically or other...

Would you like to be included in our email mailing list
(We rarely send notes, but if there's a big change, or something we feel important to share, maybe once or twice a year, if that...)


If you have time, please fill in the bottom of this form too, before hitting send. We will need this information eventually, if you do rent from us. Or just have it ready....

By clicking submit, you are acknowledging you are over 21 years of age, with a valid drivers license, good in the US.

Full Address

Drivers License Number
D.L. State and expiration
Insurance Company
Ins. Policy Number

Where are you staying on Maui

Names and Drivers license info of any other drivers

(First 2 drivers are free, if they are covered by main drivers insurance)

Hitting send should send you to a thank-you page.
If it does not, or you do not hear back from us within a couple days,
please let us know!

We will need to get a credit card number and some additional information from you
such as drivers info, insurance info, etc... to complete the reservation process.

Mahalo for caring about the planet
and wanting to rent a Bio-Beetle ECO rental car!

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