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Please Help our Maui cats

Bio-Beetle believes in taking care of the planet, and those on it, including the four legged ones! three legged cat

Oops. 3 legged ones too!


Bio-Beetle is the primary donor to Save An Animal organization. With the current pandemic, they have lost 95% of business, and the future unclear, all incoming funding has stopped!

PLEASE send a donation to help SAVE AN ANIMAL get by!

Although we love all animals, it is "feral" cats, on Maui, that really need help the most. Most aren't actually "feral" (meaning truly wild) but the term is used a lot for community cats, that have been sadly abandoned outside, or were born outside, because some human was too ignorant or careless to get their pet fixed!

Laptop hematoma ear cat

We manage two colonies and started a cat sanctuary, for cats that were rescued and have no home. Currently we are taking care of around 100 cats.

Basically we get the cats fixed, feed them, and make sure they are safe and healthy...

Renting a car from us will help, but if you can help monetarily, or in other ways, it would be greatly appreciated!

Besides the high price of feeding over 100 cats... we have several who need medications, and even flea prevention is expensive. We also deal with huge vet bills, for cats we rescue and others that get ill.

coming home to our cat sanctuary

Yet, beyond what we are currently doing.... we would love to expand the sanctuary, and are trying to make all of Maui a No Kill island for pets. If you have interest in stopping the suffering, and can help, please contact us! Ideas, time, donations, all are appreciated...

If you can, please send gifts/donations directly to: Bio-Beetle colony Box 1267 Wailuku HI 96793

You can even specifically tell us where you want the money to go to... sunshine cat

Or donate through Save An Animal .org|

DONATE to SAA now!

If you rent a car from us you can visit our office colony and see some of our cats and some of what we are doing...

buddy our office cat

In any case, thank you for your compassion and consideration….

No one should go hungry or be in pain… or killed, just because they don't have a "house" to live in.

Prevent the suffering! Make sure all cats you see are spayed or neutered too!

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