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ECO Rental Cars in
Los Angeles California!
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Los Angeles car rental, ECO rental cars L.A.California

Los Angeles Rental Cars
& Auto Rentals Serving
Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
(Los Angeles, CA) ,and Vacinity
Pasadena, Santa Monica, etc...

ECO Rental Cars!


The Worlds first TRULY
ECO car rental company!


You're not just renting a car!
We apologize, but we were forced to remove our 100% biodiesel rental fleet from Los Angeles.
the only place to find 100% biodiesel rental cars is iMaui Hawaii for now...
We are sorry for the disappointment this will cause.
It seems L.A. mostly cares about cheap rental cars over protecting the planet...

We tried...

If you feel extremely strong about this, and want to help return ECO friendly rental cars to California, please email: info@bio-beetle.com



lax rental car Rent one Today on MAUI!
Give the planet
a vacation

the next time
you take one ...

Rent from Bio-Beetle!

los angeles car hire  Cars fueled by *100% Biodiesel
Biodiesel is a clean-burning diesel fuel, made from 100% natural, 100% renewable sources such as vegetable oil recycled from restaurants! 

AND now,
that get 50 mpg!


Our mission is to be the "GREENEST", and "BEST", rental car company
on the planet.

Better for You,
Better for the Planet!

BRAND NEW, High Quality, High Performance Volkswagens and Jeep Liberty400-800 Miles Per Fill, depending on which car you have.30-45 Miles Per Gallon AverageBIODIESEL is made from local natural sources that doesn't add to Global Warming.No hidden Surprises Real people to answer the phones, and answer your questions.Free Pick ups and Drop offs at the local Airports.No toxic Cleaners! No toxic Smells!Cleaner exhaust. ...Closed Carbon CycleLess pollution... Slow down global warming...Instead of the Worlds Oil Cartel, and everything that goes along with it... Wars, Oil Spills, Toxic Waste...Increase our  independence from foreign fuel and  lead the way to sustainability.(Unless you left your kids at home)VW Beetles that stand out from the crowd!Sedans, Hatchbacks...Owned and operated by people who  live what they sell. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, RETHINK!

We are working to reduce our negative impact on the earth while educating and making it easier for those around us to do the same.

Read Our Full Philosophy Here!



and Save the planet Renting a
ECO Rental Car...

ECO rental cars

los angeles alternative fuel renewable rental cars



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