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Most Car Rental companies use multiple chemicals to clean and ready their cars. While it might make it slightly easier and quicker, BIO-BEETLE ECO Rental Cars doesn't believe it to be necessary, plus the future affects in using such chemicals is unacceptable.
Besides being terrible for the environment, all the chemicals that make up cleaners, polishers, pesticides, perfumes etc... can be terrible for people too! Many contain toxic poisons that over time have been linked to diseases and even cancer.

Mixing these products can create lethal chemical reactions.

While you might not notice the immediate effects, BIO-BEETLE believes we should always use as natural of products as possible to avoid the possibility of what could happen and not support the chemical companies.

Yet some people are extremely sensitive to chemicals in our normal surroundings and are forced to live their daily lives with the consequences of actually being poisoned.

Although we cannot remove what was previously done to the cars we purchased, BIO-BEETLE vows to do our best to not use any toxic chemicals, and stick to cleaners such as earth friendly / animal friendly dish washing liquid to wash the cars, Vinegar and baking soda to clean spots and stains. ..

If you are overly sensitive to chemicals and would like to rent a car from us, let us know. It would probably be best to not request a brand new car, where as some still have that "new car smell" which is basically chemicals still floating in the air.... and some cars might still have their original windshield washer fluid that reeks of perfume!
Give BIO-BEETLE a call! We will be happy to work with you in getting you the best rental car available!



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Biodiesel is a clean-burning
diesel fuel,
made from 100% natural, 100% renewable sources.

Gas Hybrids that get 50 mpg!
And now, 100% Electric,plug in rental cars!

Article in 2007
Globe and Mail
Toronto Canada

A Breath of Fresh Air!

NO fossil fuels on Hawaii




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