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Maui, Hawaii

BIO-BEETLE ECO Rental Cars are very special and Unique!
Anyone who rents from us should understand this, and be proud they are doing something better for the environment, and appreciate our dedication.
No one else on the planet is doing what we are...

Additional Drivers
After Hours Pick ups/dropoffs
Care of your rental car
Children under 7 years old
Common Laws
Common Courtesy
Confirmation of rental car
Drivers under 25 years old
Electric Cars
Freebies and extras
Off Road Use

Renter Requirements
Replacement vehicle
Seatbelt law
Taxes and other fees
Toxics and chemical sensitive issues
Transfers: Airport/ cruiseship
Turtles and coral
Unmarked cars

valid Drivers license
Copy of insurance policy that covers liability
and collision for rental vehicles.
Gold / Platinum visa/mc
credit card
from American Bank that covers rental car insurance.

To confirm a reservation, we need to speak with you on the
phone and get your credit card number.


We will then take
a $35, non refundable deposit,
or 50% if within 7 days of rental, or during busy season

(Which will be deducted from your final bill.)

The balance will be charged when you pick up your car,
or the day before if we are to leave the car for you at pre determind location.

If you cancel within 7 days of your arrival date, or don't show up,
we must charge 50% of your rental rate.

Refunds for early returns not given.

Prices range
depending on which car you are looking at
so call or email for prices

Specials/discounts must be acknowledged at time of reservation.

We are sometimes more and sometimes less than the other guys. But our prices are actually very competetive, when you look at the whole picture! Such as, our cars cost 25K and up, while their cars are often under 12K! We give out lots of freebies. You're dealing with people, not computers... Your trip will be better for renting with us.
Click here for more reasons why you should rent an ECO Friendly car.

*All vehicle rentals are subject to the additional:

$.56 a day license & registration fee
depending on vehicle.

  • $3.00 a day State of Hawaii road tax
  • 4.166% sales tax.

  • $5 a day charge for
    each additional driver after the first two drivers..
    Any additional driver must have drivers license and proof of insurance.
We rent cars to 21-24 year olds..

Additional fees, such as
excessively dirty cars, and refueling charges may apply..

We offer free pick ups and drop offs to the Maui Kahului airport.
and Kahului Harbor, and several other places
(During most regular business hours)

AFTER HOURS Pickups / Drop offs
Airport drop offs- no more than the$10.00 airport Parking lot Charge
You can request to pick up your car at the parking lot, during regular business hours, for $5.00 plus the airport parking fee.

If you pick up a car at predetemind location, you must sign the papers immediately and get the copies to our office within 24 hours, or call us. 808-873-6121


Follow laws and common courtesy when driving!

Seatbelts are required by law.
Children must be in their own child restraint seat

Must be in child restraint: 3 yrs. and younger in a child safety seat;
4 yrs. through 7 yrs. must be in a booster seat or child restraint

Adult safety belt permissible: 4 through 7 yrs. who are taller than 4'9"; 4 through 7 yrs. who are at least 40 lbs seated in a rear seat where if there are no available lap/shoulder belts, may be restrained by a lap belt (eff. 1/1/07)

It is best to bring your own, but with advance notice,
we can provide one that you can rent.

NO driving under the influence!
Abide by speed limits! For your safety and the safety of others!
There is
no smoking allowed in the cars.
Violators will be charged $50, per days of rental, plus damages.

We offer toxic free environments to our customers, which means we do not use toxic chemicals to clean the cars, and all cars are no smoking, making our cars available for the chemical sensitive. We do our best to keep all toxic products out of our cars, and ask all renters to do the same.

Pedestrians have the right-of-way in crosswalks!

Cars are not permitted off road!
Renters are responsible for all damages and for any
down time the cars require to be repaired!


Vehicles are sent out with a full tank of fuel.
You are responsible for all fuel you used.
If you do not refuel before returning the car,
your credit card will be charged for fuel and a flat fee of $5.00, refueling fee.

!00% biodiesel is found at Pacific Biodiesel in Kahului, 40 Hobron
They have a 24 hour pump, so it is easy to refuel.
Emergencies only may you use regular diesel, in a biodiesel car,
and that is ONLY after speaking with a Bio-Beetle agent.
Using anything other than approved biodiesel could result in damage to the car!
and you will be held responsible.

Prius can be refueled at any gas station.

The Volt can be refueled at any gas station, but takes Premium unleaded.

Electric cars do not have to be recharged for return but the Volt must be refueled.

Electric Cars:
If you choose an electric vehicle you understand these cars are unique and need to plug in to recharge. Recharging takes various times, depending on the type of charge station you are at, and how low the batteries are.
You are given maps and information on where to recharge.
Whereas The Volt is a gas/electric car, and requires Premium gas, it can be driven in the gas only mode.
The Leaf is 100% electric and distances must be monitered more closely.
If you run out of battery charge you could be stranded and then responsible for the tow and any associated costs.

Bio-Beetle can not be held responsibility for problems with charging stations, limitations of the cars, or for those not recharging when necessary.

Watch out for cats, birds, humans and other life along the roadways.

Problems with your car?
While we do our best to take care of our cars, problems might occur,
as they do with all rental car companies.
We will do our best to fix the problem or find you a replacement vehicle,
but it might not be the same type. You must inform us immediately, if you do encounter a problem or discrepency. Telling us at the time of departure will not entitle you to any credit. We can't fix it if we don't know!

You might be upgraded to a different vehicle. If you only want the car first reserved, such as a Beetle, thus not wanting an upgrade, you must tell us at time of reservation.

Some of our biodiesel cars say "Powered by Vegetable oil" on the side. You may request one of these cars, but we cannot guarentee you will get one. The same goes if you absolutly do not one with the sign. None of our cars say anything about being a rental car, and often, when others see the biodiesel sticker on the car, they will think you are a local, and not as susceptible to break ins.

Bio-Beetle offers the free use of many items to our renters, such as coolers, boogie boards, books, etc...while they are renting a car. We ask that all items be returned to us in the same shape as they were borrowed. If you lose an item, or damage it, please replace the item, or ask us about it, or you could be charged for a new replacement. We are doing our best to make your vacation the best it can be, and be as good to the planet as possible.
Strofoam and plastics are very bad for the environment
, as is using an item once and throwing it away. Please do your best to protect this place while you are on vacation, as well as when you are back home.

Although the prices and features are comparable to
most other rental car rental agencies, we do ask for a
little more care when renting a car from us.
Protecting the environment is a complete way
of life for us. We will not use toxic cleaners
on the cars so ask you to help keep them as
clean as possible. If you spill something, please clean it up asap!
Also, please rinse off sand before getting into the cars.
And use a towel to sit on! Salt water stains are hard to clean.
The more vacuuming or steam cleaning one has to do, the more electricity one uses...
And most electricity still comes from fossil fuels
which we are trying to do away with...

Do not chase or try to touch turtles or other wildlife
in water or out!
Please do not touch or stand on coral.
When we interfere with an animals life, we risk their future.

Take nothing but memories
Leave nothing but footprints.....

Mahalo for caring about the planet
and your interest in Bio-Beetle ECO rental cars!

Prices and Policies subject to change.

Maui Hawaii
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