Maui Bio-Beetle ECO rental Car Request

Use the confirmation form to secure your reservation. If the form wont work for you, copy the following and send by email or fax. OR FAX to: 808-873-6141 PHONE: 808-873-6121


IF MORE THAN ONE DRIVER, ALL DRIVERS MUST include their info.  (Drivers license number and expiration, and insurance info if different.) Second driver is free. Other drivers will be $5/day per driver. All must have insurance. Primary driver is still responsible for all damages if questionable with other drivers insurance...

Please note: By sending this form, You are committing to a rental from us and will be contacted by email (or phone) shortly. . You are not 100% confirmed until you actually speak with us or are contacted back by us, by phone or email, usually within a day to confirm.  If you let a few days go by, since receiving a quote, you might list a second choice, just in case the first choice is rented already, and you want to speed up the process. We will take a non refundable 25% deposit from your credit card, to guarantee your reservation, or 50% if within 7 days, or around busy times, which will be deducted from your final bill. There is a daily 1.25-1.50 license/registration fee, 4.16% tax, and a State of Hawaii car rental fee of $6.50/day. Which would have been included in your quote.
Parking at the airport costs up to $15/24hour/day.  Rentals are based on a 24 hour day, except 1 or 2 day rentals are by calendar day. Going over a 24 hour day, might be subject to extra fees. The cars are non smoking and follow standard car rental policy regarding off road driving. Cancellations made after confirmation, within 7 days of rental, or no shows, are subject to 50% rental fee, and no refunds given after you pick up the car. If you have questions please let us know. Thank you for caring about the planet and renting an ECO rental car! Questions call: 808-873-6121. Leave a message if you do not reach us.