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Laptop 2 had a Hematoma.
He is fine now, but surgery gave him a bent ear.

Cocoa Azul, one of our biggest rescues, was found near death the side of the road.
Still breathing we got her to the vet... Broken ribs, crushed lungs etc.. Doing fabulous today!

Leilei was rescued from a dumpster.

Infection in Laptop 1.

L.T. (Lucky 2) we actually saw get hit by a car, on Haleakala Highway!
He hobbled into the cane fields, where we were able to pick him up. Broken leg healed fine.

Mr. Oscar

Honey and Batty, still together.


Welcome home...


Maui’s homeless cats need your help!

Bio-Beetle believes in taking care of the planet, and those on it, including the four legged ones!

Although we love all animals, it is "feral" cats, on Maui, that really need help.

We manage two colonies and started a cat sanctuary, for cats that have no home. Currently we have around 100 homeless cats that we take care of.

Basically we get the cats fixed,and take care of them, feed them, and make sure they are safe and healthy...

Renting a car from us will help, but if you can help monetarily, or in other ways, it would be greatly appreciated!


Besides the high price of feeding over 100 cats... we have several who need medications, and even flea prevention is expensive. We also deal with huge vet bills, for cats we rescue and others that get ill.

Yet, beyond what we are currently doing....
we would love to expand the sanctuary, and are trying to make all of Maui a no kill island for unwanted animals.

If you have interest in stopping the suffering, and can help, please contact us! Ideas, time, donations, all are appreciated...

If you can, please send gifts/donations directly to:

Bio-Beetle colony

Box 1267 Wailuku HI 96793

You can even specifically tell us where you want the money to go to...

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Or for a tax deductible donation for spaying and neutering, you can send donations to the Feline foundation along with a note that says to be used for the Bio-Beetle colony,
P.O.Box 1361 Puunene HI 96784

We also started
Save An Animal .org

If you rent a car from us you can visit our office colony and see some of our cats and some of what we are doing...

Buddy, our main office cat.

In any case, thank you for your compassion and consideration….


No one should go hungry or be in pain…
or killed, just because they don't have a "house" to live in.

If you want to read more about our cats click here:

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Tuffy had cancer, around only a few months ,
died this year,
but we made sure he was spoiled with lots of
love, canned food, and laptop time,
until the end.
 Some of our,

Mouse was found in a garbage dumpster, with 4 siblings.

Spaz, found as a kitten, left to die, cause he was so covered in fleas and anemic. Took several baths and care, but he is doing great now!

Tripod, and 5 friends were relocated from a dangerous warehouse

Bunny is doing great, but early in her life had eye damage.


Steve, right, was our first cat that showed up at our door, in 2003, and is still doing great.

Old Man Tom Tom

Callie, and others have Mite issues we always contend with.

Slinky, left loves Mr. Boots

Princess was rescued from a truckload of cardboard

Precious, right, and her boyfriend P.B. are still together and doing great!

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