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maui wildlife

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maui animals

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maui animals

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mauis wildlife

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maui animals

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Nene (Goose)


maui nene

Only two mammals were native to Hawaii, the hoary bat (Lasiurus cinerus hawaiiensis) and the monk seal (Monachus schauinslandi). The Polynesians, and later Westerners, introduced a variety of animals, including the cow, goat, pig, rat, cat, and mongoose. All of these in a feral, or wild, state cause considerable destruction and along with man, are responsible for the extinction of many species in the plant and animal community.

The nene, which somewhat resembles the Canada goose, was once nearly extinct due to hunters and feral predators. Protection and propagation programs have increased its numbers, but it is still considered endangered.

The animal causing the most damage
to the islands is man.
Because of over development, intrusion, hunting, poor choices in development, pollution, etc... humans are responsible for the destruction of almost all plants and animals on the planet. For us to put blame on the wild boar or feral cat is truly biased and only a scapegoat to try and shift responsibility elsewhere. Yes they do damage but we are the ones who put them here and shouldn't torture them because of it. We have done more damage then any living thing and continue to do damage. We need to stop and think about what our actions are doing, every day and make choices that are truly best for all.
What can you do? Support programs that help reduce populations of feral animals in non cruel ways. Make sure your pets are spayed or nuetered. Where does that fish come from that you are eating? Is it endangered? Were gill nets used that hurt or kill dolphins during the fishing? How about coral? Do you even know where it came from??? Do you have local organic choices? Do you care? Don't be one who just shifts the blame to something else
Live like it matters..... It does!



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