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Rental Cars on Maui include:
Biodiesel VW
Jettas, Beetles,
Jeep Liberty, gas hybrid Prius!
and EV Electric rental cars,
Nissan Leaf, and Chevy Volt!

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Rental Cars Available on Maui

Biodiesel Cars / Hybrid Prius / Electric plug in EVs 

Biodiesel Cars:
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Volkswagon Jetta:
2006 Sedan, 4 door, 5 person,
large trunk with fold down back seats. 34-40 mpg

Jeep Liberty: 2005 SUV, 5 Passenger, Hard top, HatchBack,
with surfrack, 20 mpg

Volkswagon Beetle: 2006, 2001 2 door, 4 person Hatchback
with fold down back seats, 35-40 mpg


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Toyota Prius: Gas car. 2010 4 door,
5 person Hatchback, 45-50 mpg!

Electric Vehicles:
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Nissan Leaf: 2014 100% electric,
~100 mile range, 4 door hatchback, Seats 5

Chevy Volt: 2012 Gas electric
~35 Miles EV only range. Extended driving switches to gas.
Premium fuel only. 4 door hatchback, Seats 4

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