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Exotic Rental Cars
in Maui Hawaii!

Maui exotic car rental, ECO rental cars maui hawaii kahului airport ogg

Maui EXOTIC Rental Cars

Maui Car Rentals
that are Affordable,
Fun, and Earth Friendly!
Now available near the Kahului Airport OGG and Harbor.
Exotic unique rentals
Bio-Beetle ECO
Rental Cars

Rent a BIODIESEL car on Maui

Rent an ELECTRIC Car on Maui

Rent a HYBRID on Maui

Rent a JEEP on Maui

Why ECO Friendly?

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ECO Rental Cars
on Maui


The Worlds first
ECO car rental company!
Now available in Maui Hawaii near the Kahului Airport (OGG) and Harbor.

EXOTIC ECO rental cars in
Maui Hawaii!

exotic rental car in los angeles

Rent a car powered by Vegetable oil!
or one of the ONLY Hybrid
rental cars available on Maui!!

Rental Cars available include:
VW Beetles, Jettas,
Jeep Liberty,
Toyotas Prius Hybrid,

and now a 100% Electric
plug in Leaf rental car!

2 door and 4 door.
Hatchbacks and Sedans.

exotic car rentals

or Email
ECO Rental Cars!

Most Rental Cars do not have
writing on them, so if you want a car
that shows the world you are driving
on vegetable oil, please request it at
the time of reservation.
(None of the cars say they are rental cars)

You'll turn everyone's head on Maui!

biodiesel ECO rental cars on Maui Hawaii

Rent an exotic car from Bio-Beetle and stand out from the crowd!!

100% Electric
Nissan Leaf

Gas Electric Chevy VOLT

50 mpg Hybrids


  Cars fueled by
Vegetable oil!
*100% Biodiesel
Biodiesel is a clean-burning
diesel fuel,
made from 100% natural, 100% renewable sources.

Cars average 35-50 mpg.
Drive over 400 miles without refueling!

Easy, convenient Refueling!

Free pickups at the Kahului OGG airport and other locations around Maui!

NO fossil fuels on Hawaii

Exotic Car Rentals in Maui

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ECO rental cars
Toll Free 877-873-6121
Direct 808-873-6121

The place for EXOTIC ECO rental cars
Maui Car Rentals

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