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Bio-Beetle ECO Rental Cars

Green Is Good Radio.
Interview with Shaun Stenshol. April 2014

BioBeetle wins another Green Award
Maui Time Dec. 19, 2013

Maui’s Bio-Beetle Eco Rental Cars among winners of green business contest
Dec 12, 2013
Pacific Business News

Congratulations to Fall 2013
People & Planet Award winner Bio-Beetle


Maui Time 11/14/13

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Maui Weekly. March 28, 2013


Maui News April 24, 2013


What are challenges to Green Rental Cars
Auto Rental News Nov/Dec 2012

BIO-BEETLE listed in 100 most BRILLIANT Companies for 2011 by Entrepreneur Magazine!

More Travel Brilliance..... 

Bio-Beetle This car rental company makes it easy for travelers to be eco-friendly with its fleet ... that run on recycled vegetable oil. You want fries with that fill-up?


  • Red Magazine 2008
  • Alaska Airlines Magazine 2008
  • Audubon Magazine July, Aug 2007
  • Home and Away July, Aug 2007
    Green Tips for Road Trips
  • TIME MAGAZINE! April 9, 2007
    #48, 51 Ways to Save the Environment!

  • Globe and Mail Toronto Canada April 4, 2007
    A Breath of Fresh Air
  • MAUI No Ka Oi MAGAZINE March 2007
    Environmental Heros ..... Shaun Stenshol...
    "They don't wear capes. They don't fly, or bend steel with their bare hands. But their work is helping to save the world.
    Click to read more!

    #22 of Outside Top 100! "This years Most important people, ideas, trends, and gear."


  • Frontiers Magazine To keep in step with the eco-friendly vibe of the island, rent a reasonably priced biodiesel vehicle through Bio Beetle
  • F-Stop Blues Sunday, Nov. 2006
    Just because you have to rent a car doesn’t mean it can’t be good for the planet...
  • The Greening of Tourism Nov.2006
    In the US, Bio-Beetle if offering visitors the chance to rent cars powered exclusively by biodiesal derived from 100% re-cycled vegetable oil;
  • Green On Go Entrepreneur November 1, 2006

    When work takes you on the road, drive clean.

  • AFP Worldwide News Agency July 2006
  • AFP SOUTH AFRICA July 14, 2006

    Independent Online
    With gasoline prices soaring, anxieties about global warming, and concern over the war in Iraq, a ...

    'Green' rentals give the planet a break Motoring

    'Green' rentals give the planet a break Motoring
    Some "greenies" not only drive on alternate fuels at home – they rent them when they're on holiday as well. Biodiesel car rental ...

  • CNN - June 20, 2006
    Take green tactics on the road
  • Business Week April 21, 2006
  • Maui News April 16 2006
    KAHULUI -- Shaun Stenshol didn’t set out to rent cars fueled by used cooking oil in paradise. He set out to stop nuclear bomb testing in the desert.
    Funny how things work out.
Whole Life Times

Bio-Beetle ECO Rental Cars 

 Renting ECO Friendly Cars since 2003

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Jake, Parker, Shaun, and Joe at the L.A. press conference

Thanks to Real Food Daily for donating
the great organic vegan food
for the press conference!

  • Paul Harvey... Wednesday Morning... March 1, 2006
  • KenRadio (at 2:17) March 1, 2006
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  • Honolulu star bulletin
  • Tree Hugger
  • Outdoor Newswire
  • Los Angeles
  • KFMB San Diego
  • >KPLA Hilo Hawaii
  • Auto Rental News

Local News Leader, Rueters, (Same story)

  • Environmental News Network
  • CNET
  • Reuters India
  • Khaleej Times Arab Nations
  • The Peninsula Qatar
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  • Leading the charge Australia
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Bio-Beetle ECO Rental Cars


  • VIA AAA Magazine March 2006
    Here’s an excuse to order french fries: Leftover fryer grease from restaurants can be converted into ecofriendly biodiesel fuel. And if you’re traveling to Hawaii, you can rent a car powered by recycled vegetable oil.

  • The Maui News - Jan. 9, 2006 - Tides of Commerce
    LIKE W.C. FIELDS. The comedian’s tombstone reportedly says: “On the whole, I’d rather be in Philadelphia.” Shaun Stenshol of Bio-Beetle Eco Rental Cars picks Philadelphia, too, at least when adding diesel VWs to his rental fleet, which has grown from one to 12 vehicles since 2003.

  • The Lazy Environmentalist . Dec. 12, 2005
    Radio show that "covers the growing trend of everyday people searching for simple ways to green their modern lifestyles."
    interview with Shaun Stenshol 

  • Pacific Business News - June 17, 2005

    Stenshol, who also owns Maui Recycling Service, launched Bio-Beetle two years ago with partner Pamela Miedtke-Wolf. Their goal is to make Maui self-sustaining, with zero waste, through business.

  • The New York Times - February 25, 2005

    LAST October, Suzy Smith was looking for a rental car with good mileage for a weeklong vacation in Maui. She searched for "rental cars on Maui" on Google and found Maui Bio-Beetle, a company that rents cars that run on biodiesel fuel. She didn't know what to expect from a vehicle that used fuel made solely from recycled vegetable oil, but decided to give it a chance.

  • MAUI no ka 'oi - Winter 2005

    ...Being environmentally conscious is a passion for Stenshol, who was one of Pacific Biodiesel’s first customers. “My goal for Maui and Hawai‘i is to be 100-percent sustainable.”
    And to help make that a reality, Stenshol started Bio-Beetle car rental, which, he says, was the first biodiesel rental car in the world. And demand for his Bio-Beetle has been great, he says.

  • Honolulu Advertiser - November 8 2004

    Another option is to rent a biodiesel car. Shaun Stenshol's BioBeetle has three cars on Maui and one on O'ahu that run fully on biodiesel.
    "People just rave about it," Stenshol said. "My goal is to make Hawai'i environmentally sustainable."

  • Green Car Journal - October 2004

"Okay, I'm game. I fired it up and headed back out... waiting for the cues that told me there were drawbacks to driving a Bio-Beetle in Paradise. They didn't come. There was no lack of power, no hesitation, no discernable tradeoffs to indicate I was trading motoring integrity for environmental integrity. I liked that."

<Hana Hou, the magazine of Hawaiian Airlines - Dec 2003 / Jan 2004
"People respond to direct demonstration," he says. "This is my way of showing people they have a choice, right now, to switch to renewable fuels."


Hawaii Public Radio - September 10, 2003
Listen in! (WAV file)
For info on Hawaii Public Radio go to


Los Angeles Times - May 12, 2003
These days, biodiesel veers toward the chic. Actor Woody Harrelson drives on the fuel, and Julia Butterfly Hill, the celebrated tree sitter of California's north coast, is a promoter. The folk duo Indigo Girls are using biodiesel to fuel their current national tour. In Maui, there's a biodiesel rental car for tourists who want to make a statement.


Maui Time Weekly - May 1, 2003
Another big customer of Pacific Biodiesel is Maui resident and business owner, Shaun Stenshol, who uses biodiesel in his company and personal vehicles. Shaun, a longtime conservationist, has been touting the advantages of biodiesel for years and puts his money where his mouth is constantly. Shaun owns and runs Maui Recycling Service (, just one of two such services on the island, where all his vehicles use 100% biodiesel....If that's not enough, then check out Shaun's new Bio-Beetle rent-a-car service at The service uses an unmodified 2000 VW Beetle diesel powered by 100% biodiesel fuel. Shaun is making every effort to draw attention to the benefits and need for biodiesel. Shaun offers, "The one thing I like to tell people is, 'Anyone can buy a diesel car and use 100% biodiesel fuel and make a difference!'" Thanks Shaun, for raising our level of awareness. - April, 2003
Biodiesel Rental Car Debuts
On the Hawaiian island of Maui, Shaun Stenshol, owner of Maui Recycling Service, fulfilled his long-time dream of a biodiesel rental car when the Bio-Beetle debuted in February 2003. Available for rent through Maui Car Rentals, the 2000 Volkswagen turbo diesel Beetle runs solely on 100 percent biodiesel, which is produced on Maui from recycled cooking oil by Pacific Biodiesel. Since its introduction, the Bio-Beetle has been rented nearly full time, primarily by ecologically minded visitors

Honolulu News - April, 2003
 Earth Day is April 22. However, one can celebrate it daily by driving new technology.
The future is now. No more science fiction, it is a scientific fact: we can drive without harming humanity and the earth. In fact, one can experience "Fahrvergnugen" (the pleasure of driving) by sitting in the front seat of the Bio-Beetle, the first biodiesel rental car in the world.


Biodiesel Bulletin newsletter - March 3, 2003
"The Bio-Beetle rental car gives the general public the opportunity to drive a renewably fueled car," said Shaun Stenshol, owner of Maui Recycling Service. "Biodiesel is one of the renewable fuels that can lead the way toward sustainability. This is my way of showing people that we have a choice, right now, to switch to fuels that can reduce our dependence on natural gas, oil, coal, and nuclear fuels, which are destroying our environment and contributing to foreign conflict."

Pacific Business News - February 28, 2003
Recycled cooking oil fuels Maui's Bio-Beetle rental car

Shaun Stenshol is a businessman who thinks green is good.
Sure, the color of money is fine with him. But he believes that making a profit and protecting the environment is better.
...Offering the car to tourists and local drivers "is something we can do right now to make a difference," said Stenshol, whose recycling company has three trucks that run on the used cooking oil, or bio-diesel.

CBS KGMB 9 Hawaii News Sept.12, 2003

NPR Audio interview... 2003

Honolulu Weekly - February 19, 2003 - brief mention

NBC KHNL 8 Hawaii News Feb 15, 2003

Maui News - February 10, 2003 - Lead Story

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Bio-Beetle ECO Rental Cars 

 Renting ECO Friendly Cars since 2003

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